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Batam Hotels
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Famously known as tourist destination, Batam, located at Indonesia, is part of the Riau Islands Province which is made up of the Riau Archipelago, the Tudjuh Archipelago and the Lingga Islands. The main source of guests visiting Batam come from Singapore as Singapore is very near to Batam. It takes only an hour ferry trip from Singapore to reach Batam. It located just 25 miles from Singapore. This is the main explanation that a number of Singaporean enterprises have been founded on the Riau island. A special trade agreement has been established in Singapore which enables for tax-free trade among the two locations. Visitors may enjoy varieties of accommodation on the Batam island, ranging from budget motels, traditional hotels to luxury hotels.


Visitors can expect beautiful contemporary Batam hotels in which guests could enjoy the lovely weather and as well as the marvelous views of the island. The vast majority of good resorts provide suites and rooms with balconies, and you can count on the extraordinary room service. Facilities in most of Batam hotels range from spas, gyms, children's play areas to large swimming pools and great dining. Thanks to the generally humid and warm climate, you can rely on air-conditioning in rooms and suites.


Most of the budget hotels in Batam may not provide visitors a place to eat, but the 4 and 3 star hotels often offer more than one good restaurant. Batam is popular of South East Asian cuisine and you won't have to leave the premises to enjoy a variety of this exciting cuisine. Visitors may notice that many of the restaurants in Batam have a wide range of cuisines in their restaurants. This means that you may also enjoy French as well as Italian food, among other European and Western favorites. If you are interested with authentic Balinese roasted pork, visit Warung Bali in Batam Center. This food stall is selling fresh babi guling every Saturday after 11:00am.


In Batam Island , local restaurants mainly provide traditional Indonesian food. The foods in Batam Island is much cheaper than their neighbor Singapore. Due to the cheap hotel and resort price , many Singaporean like to set up weekend trip to Batam. Besides being close to Singapore, Batam is a good place for tourists and all who like to experience the local culture. Visitors may want to rent a car and drive around this island. It offers visitors Buddha Maitreya -one of the largest Buddhist temples in Asia. If you are interested with shopping, you may want to visit to the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, while those who want to wander the greens will discover a gorgeous golf course.


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